Hyundai Elantra, about the car.

Hyundai ElantraThe brand Hyundai produced modern sedan Elantra 2017. As one of the most popular models, this car is part of the sixth generation, confirming the reasonableness of its formula. Modern lines and sophisticated style of cars is combined with innovative lines of force models not only of cost-effective and environmentally friendly nature, but also strong enough. The new unit combines the fast driving, safety, quietness.

The new Elantra is already commercially available in most countries of the world.
In the foreground a new car differs by chopped outlines of the headlights and radiator grille. Front lighting consists of halogen headlamps and the original vertically placed LED lights.

The front part is characterized by not only a trendy appearance, but also intelligent aerodynamics. It involved a special curtain that aim to change the air flow to the side of the wheels. This development makes it possible to save on fuel. The trunk lid has a special configuration. All these properties lead to a decrease in resistance.