Dodge Dakota R/T – 5.9 V8 – Dodge Dakota Test Drive

Dodge Dakota R/T Couple weeks ago we showed you the news in domestic compact pickups and we didn’t include the Dakota in that report well let’s not just because the Dakota is bigger it has more to do with performance which is gotten away out a hand for 98 with the R. T. option does died just now dropped in the 5.9 litre magnum V8 making the R. T. sport into a tire melting muscle truck last year it was the introduction of the new ram style Dakota the first compact truck with a V8 option this year it’s the R. T. sport package available on the regular cab short wheelbase.

Dakota sport brings twin high backed bucket to console and leather wrapped steering wheel in front of the full gauges in the Dakota day and there’s a passenger airbag shut off switch new for 98 outside the R. T. sport gets a monochromatic pain treatment fog lights and on the corners few weeks to 5555 series Goodyear eagles on 17 ends cast aluminum wheels. A new leader thanks to what the R. T. option brings under the hood largest VA from anybody a magnum 5.9 liter engine making 250 horses and 345 foot pounds of torque.

The interesting thing about the 5.9 liter engine is the redline never seen 1 quite so low it 47 0 RPM but that’s passed the horsepower see that it’s a 44 0 there’s no question the 59 magnum is known for gore but that bags powerful music. Tires get the soprano. Well that was a good size single exhaust plays bass. Together in your painting as much rubber on the asphalt days you when you’re tired budget would like. Right down the road the 66.9 seconds and through the quarter in 15 for an 89 miles per hour . That’s not the whole story with the big eagles in the short wheelbase the R. T. sport is also a handler that hangs on in the corners at up to a point 83 Jeez and it will run our slalom test.