2006 Hyundai Tucson headlight replacement

Hello everyone this is Robert Thomas with my very dirty need to be calling. 2500 a 2 song deal lasts for what. With a 2.7 liter engine. Anyway today I’m going to change up my 2006 Hyundai Tucson headlight replacement the frosted on on the. Inside and I need to get him out of here I bought some. Aftermarket halo LED lights and it’s going to require a little bit of hope governor thing and I just wanna make this video for you. And now let’s get started on this.

Okay as you can see the headlights all frosted. And scratched and this is all on the inside. It’s really causing a problem with the brightness of the light and both of them is the same way and. Come over here and you look down here I don’t know how this happened inside the light to get that right there. I don’t know how that happened. That’s on the inside. So I don’t know but as you can see the rest of it all. It’s all frosted inside everything in the lights pretty damn I mean frighten him up a little bit.

2006 hyundai tucson headlight replacementSo it just makes it really dark so we’re gonna replace these. Okay here’s 2 books one on the front one on the tall Dick goes off with the 10 millimeter socket and then writing here is the connector back here this is the only lexical connection to has this 2006 Hyundai Tucson headlight replacement. So that was put that away and then we’ll take this off. Okay that. Pulled out there okay now there’s a retention terrapin spring underneath your chicken after co lift up a little bit and cut rock that out. That. Yeah. Okay now I got it out. And now. This is really going to the trash and I’m a salvage life holds out of it just in case I need. We’re done with that. Okay here’s the new replacement lines. And the other one is set out in the other box.

But I will show you how to connect all the wire because it did come in. Everything didn’t come can act mature musici with that and I How I didn’t quite understand the sheets I had to figure things out so someone unknown to everything out. And looked at the. Denounced everything and figure things out. And the nice thing about it. Is well first of all they send you.

These little blue things with the kid are off you see that this old grandpa I kinda don’t like these that I just rather use some crampon lugs rocking. See those very well but I’m gonna use these. And so these wires come. There’s like transformers like this I think this is a blinker unit for the bikers. Connectors like his here’s the. The subpoena running lights and the ground sama connected these. So all the whites get connected together and then all the blacks and there’s. There are some. There’s 3 coming off the unit. Mystery blacks and 3 whites coming off the unit. And then. The second get connected to. Respectively the ride white not black on the. Some of the Hindu the stomach or you. Film I think when we put these together and then show you here just a minute. Okay as you were saying about gotta maghrib together and not real nicely demand here too.

Pretty up the waters a little bit now this is the I think this is the marker mechanism for the blinker would fill this out. Well it is time. But put it back over here. This seems like it’s going to be a lie them just. Double sticky so it should stay all the way right there. So here’s the connectors here’s the 2 wires come off the connector I just tell the rest of the season not royalties are transported mortar rounds or whatever. We’re going to do something with the women in his diet so now I love it too. On my honor this back together here. And here it is time to make sure there are almost no trace. See this will turn out right here. He Look for the family room. This will turn out right here that’s the shadows had troubles was gonna go. Attention that the polka back down and troops workloads so. Right in here so that that would be good.