2010 Nissan Altima Coupe Review

How Gotta be honest with me when I found that I’m getting a Nissan Altima coupe. Really wasn’t all that excited and to be honest this vehicle in the 2.5 liter, CBT configuration is really nothing more than a secretary’s commuter car 0 75 horsepower 25 miles to the gallon not that great but this particular car 3.5 liter V6, 70 horsepower, 6 speed manual $30000. I like this car like the styling very bold draws a lot of the styling cues from its its more powerful brother the 37 easy as well as its older brother the G 37 coupe. I know it’s a little bit of a stretch I’m telling you look at the hard shoulder lines look at the way this car sits on the road think you’re a pretty nice. car end with the 6 speed manual silky smooth but if you have a lot of fun with this car not embarrassed to admit it

 Nissan Altima CoupeI like it and this red interior got to come check this out. As an enthusiast you know I feel about front wheel drive cars and course this Nissan Altima coupe is a front wheel drive car what that means going to get some torque steer especially now when you when you turn and really give if you’re going to get a feeling it’s gonna pull you but that’s just the nature front wheel drive cars we talk about $30000 coup something that looks really good it’s got a great warranty it’s got the Nissan name plate and really. If you look at the site when you’ve got this car and the Honda accord coupe. A distant third and fourth place of the the Mitsubishi eclipse and of course our favorite. I see our least favorite the Toyota Solara, you do have some nice options in this segment again $30000 per next equipped car one thing to note is that if you get the technology package you have to get the CD.

Take for the automatic transmission that Nissan offers if you opt for the 6 speed manual which I highly recommend you not going to get the I’m gonna get the technology package but you will get a rear view camera which is nice to sit on my still screen it for information radio stations etcetera so still room ice packets in the interior very nicely put together the ultimate goof like all kooks really have no backseat space my 10 year old twins they they fight over to sit in the back because let’s face it there’s no room for them if they gave up their 5 feet tall you’re not going to fit their 6 feet tall but what the ultimate does have is plenty of trunk space so this is really more like a call the 3 seater. More info of Nissan Altima LED headlights read at http://theharshlightofday.com/nissan-altima/headlights.html.

I think you could have a 2 people the front maybe one person in the back comfortably. Ton of ruminants in the in the trunk space so really a great car that you can live with every day in a sporty look if that’s what keeps all about they want if it’s a sporty look it’s people trying to get away from those sedans. The ultimate goof accomplishes that. Bottom line on the ultimate coop is as a front wheel drive V6 car it’s right up there with the best of them and obviously a lot of choices today with some rear wheel drive coops like the Camaro and Mustang that Challenger and the Hyundai Genesis coupe. Which we really like as well as those rear wheel drive a little bit different but this package. Is very nicely put together by Nissan brand that you can trust there if you really want to find out how this car measures up total ought to god’s auto. Where the research section check out the ratings how this card repairs to the others in the sector we’ll see you next time behind the driver’s seat.

2015 Toyota Corolla – my review car

2015 Toyota CorollaThe 2015 Toyota Corolla has been updated with revised styling improved fuel economy and an optimized stealing in suspension set up we have the top of the rains that our model in the showroom so let’s take a look. The new corolla hotch features aggressive styling with a little white Stein’s. The sharp point lanes Lee to buy LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights. Visit our model also features heated electric door mirrors. Sporty front spoiler side skirts and 17 inch alloy wheels. The dynamic lanes continue to the rear of the coral is that are hot with a rare live spoiler and lower bumper scarves. Our of X. calmer now come standard across the entire range luggage space in the back of the new cruel is good too with 218 meters available with the rear seats in place expanding to 1120 meters of space with a 6040 rear seats folded flat. The cabin and the new corolla is comfortable and spacious with satin chrome highlights and Toyota Corolla automatic headlights, lay that ex ante trim and is that our model the top spec model also features heated front sport bucket seats with electric lumbar support.

They’re sent sport mortal and above feature a new 7 inch touch screen display with USB and Bluetooth connectivity until you’re telling functionality VSX sins that are also feature satellite navigation with live traffic updates. The top spec models also receive a premium steering wheel with Steven will controls and paddle shifters. A 4.2 inch multi information screen smart entry and smart start and jewels on climate controlled visit our model also has an auction off a panoramic glass roofs. The backseat of the girl is comfortable with excellent head and legroom for versi passengers. There’s also a handy arm rest with Cup holders across the whole range. The new corolla retains the same 1.8 liter 4 cylinder petrol engine producing 103 kilowatts of power I’m 173 Newton metres of torque. Fuel consumption has improved over the outgoing model to using only 6.one liters per 0 kilometers when combined with the CVT automatic transmission. The new corolla feels at home in the city or on the open road with religion when noise well insulated inside the cabin.

Both front and rear suspension of been improved resulting in increased comfort on the open road and better stability through the corners. Health start assessed is no standard across all mortals. Steven has also been updated offering better feedback. The Toyota corolla has been awarded the maximum 5 star ANCAP safety rating thanks to a range of safety features including 7 air bags electronic stability control traction control and electronic brake force distribution. The entire Toyota corolla range comes with a 3 year 100000 kilometer factory warranty combined with sunshine to you to 6 year 175000 kilometre warranty your god and teeth peace of mind.

Overall the 2015 Toyota corolla has been updated with a sleeker exterior design improved handling characteristics and more technology offering a refined and reliable heights to suit to Australian conditions. So if you love your Toyota or how you die ness and Ford Holden or Mazda and you’re looking for the best small hatch then you’re invited to come and test drive the 2015 Toyota corolla contact us today at sunshine to Utah to pick your test drive by calling 1300 714976 or come and visit us at 689 Nicklin way car Monday on the sunshine coast.

2006 Hyundai Tucson headlight replacement

Hello everyone this is Robert Thomas with my very dirty need to be calling. 2500 a 2 song deal lasts for what. With a 2.7 liter engine. Anyway today I’m going to change up my 2006 Hyundai Tucson headlight replacement the frosted on on the. Inside and I need to get him out of here I bought some. Aftermarket halo LED lights and it’s going to require a little bit of hope governor thing and I just wanna make this video for you. And now let’s get started on this.

Okay as you can see the headlights all frosted. And scratched and this is all on the inside. It’s really causing a problem with the brightness of the light and both of them is the same way and. Come over here and you look down here I don’t know how this happened inside the light to get that right there. I don’t know how that happened. That’s on the inside. So I don’t know but as you can see the rest of it all. It’s all frosted inside everything in the lights pretty damn I mean frighten him up a little bit.

2006 hyundai tucson headlight replacementSo it just makes it really dark so we’re gonna replace these. Okay here’s 2 books one on the front one on the tall Dick goes off with the 10 millimeter socket and then writing here is the connector back here this is the only lexical connection to has this 2006 Hyundai Tucson headlight replacement. So that was put that away and then we’ll take this off. Okay that. Pulled out there okay now there’s a retention terrapin spring underneath your chicken after co lift up a little bit and cut rock that out. That. Yeah. Okay now I got it out. And now. This is really going to the trash and I’m a salvage life holds out of it just in case I need. We’re done with that. Okay here’s the new replacement lines. And the other one is set out in the other box.

But I will show you how to connect all the wire because it did come in. Everything didn’t come can act mature musici with that and I How I didn’t quite understand the sheets I had to figure things out so someone unknown to everything out. And looked at the. Denounced everything and figure things out. And the nice thing about it. Is well first of all they send you.

These little blue things with the kid are off you see that this old grandpa I kinda don’t like these that I just rather use some crampon lugs rocking. See those very well but I’m gonna use these. And so these wires come. There’s like transformers like this I think this is a blinker unit for the bikers. Connectors like his here’s the. The subpoena running lights and the ground sama connected these. So all the whites get connected together and then all the blacks and there’s. There are some. There’s 3 coming off the unit. Mystery blacks and 3 whites coming off the unit. And then. The second get connected to. Respectively the ride white not black on the. Some of the Hindu the stomach or you. Film I think when we put these together and then show you here just a minute. Okay as you were saying about gotta maghrib together and not real nicely demand here too.

Pretty up the waters a little bit now this is the I think this is the marker mechanism for the blinker would fill this out. Well it is time. But put it back over here. This seems like it’s going to be a lie them just. Double sticky so it should stay all the way right there. So here’s the connectors here’s the 2 wires come off the connector I just tell the rest of the season not royalties are transported mortar rounds or whatever. We’re going to do something with the women in his diet so now I love it too. On my honor this back together here. And here it is time to make sure there are almost no trace. See this will turn out right here. He Look for the family room. This will turn out right here that’s the shadows had troubles was gonna go. Attention that the polka back down and troops workloads so. Right in here so that that would be good.

Dodge Dakota R/T – 5.9 V8 – Dodge Dakota Test Drive

Dodge Dakota R/T Couple weeks ago we showed you the news in domestic compact pickups and we didn’t include the Dakota in that report well let’s not just because the Dakota is bigger it has more to do with performance which is gotten away out a hand for 98 with the R. T. option does died just now dropped in the 5.9 litre magnum V8 making the R. T. sport into a tire melting muscle truck last year it was the introduction of the new ram style Dakota the first compact truck with a V8 option this year it’s the R. T. sport package available on the regular cab short wheelbase.

Dakota sport brings twin high backed bucket to console and leather wrapped steering wheel in front of the full gauges in the Dakota day and there’s a passenger airbag shut off switch new for 98 outside the R. T. sport gets a monochromatic pain treatment fog lights and on the corners few weeks to 5555 series Goodyear eagles on 17 ends cast aluminum wheels. A new leader thanks to what the R. T. option brings under the hood largest VA from anybody a magnum 5.9 liter engine making 250 horses and 345 foot pounds of torque.

The interesting thing about the 5.9 liter engine is the redline never seen 1 quite so low it 47 0 RPM but that’s passed the horsepower see that it’s a 44 0 there’s no question the 59 magnum is known for gore but that bags powerful music. Tires get the soprano. Well that was a good size single exhaust plays bass. Together in your painting as much rubber on the asphalt days you when you’re tired budget would like. Right down the road the 66.9 seconds and through the quarter in 15 for an 89 miles per hour . That’s not the whole story with the big eagles in the short wheelbase the R. T. sport is also a handler that hangs on in the corners at up to a point 83 Jeez and it will run our slalom test.


DODGE NITROConceptual model of Dodge Nitro crossover was introduced in February 2005 at the Motor Show in Chicago. Development of the car was carried out on the platform of Jeep Cherokee SUV and the cost for producer 600 million dollars.

The production version of the car made its debut in 2007. Nitro was the first midsize SUV Dodge. Currently cars are manufactured at Chrysler Groupe plant in Toledo. In the US, the car is available in three versions: SE, SLT and R / T. The first two are equipped with V6 petrol engine with working volume of 3.7 liters and output of 210 horsepower.

The top model – Dodge Nitro R / T – is equipped with 258-horsepower engine, working in pair with a five-speed automatic transmission and new 2000 Dodge Durango headlights.

Rough, brutal, angular “Nitro” looks very serious. Although in reality – it’s just a very small, not counting “Caliber”, SUV in scheme of mark “Dodge”.

Why do we need a spoiler or anti-wing?

anti-wingSurely every car owner, who is engaged in tuning, at least once thought about the installation on car body aero parts, or at least its main components. Such kit is not working only to give the car an aggressive or sporty, but also to improve its behavior in line (usually at the highest speed), in other words to increase the running data.

Each component of the body kit carries its own explicit function, for example thresholds kit of car running to take the side twists, which squeeze the car off the road, and the bumper body kit is able to prevent all sorts of twists again emerging air behind the car, etc. Ones of the important elements are considered underweight spoiler and a rear wing. Because the spoiler and rear wing are the main parts of the body kit.

Hyundai Elantra, about the car.

Hyundai ElantraThe brand Hyundai produced modern sedan Elantra 2017. As one of the most popular models, this car is part of the sixth generation, confirming the reasonableness of its formula. Modern lines and sophisticated style of cars is combined with innovative lines of force models not only of cost-effective and environmentally friendly nature, but also strong enough. The new unit combines the fast driving, safety, quietness.

The new Elantra is already commercially available in most countries of the world.
In the foreground a new car differs by chopped outlines of the headlights and radiator grille. Front lighting consists of halogen headlamps and the original vertically placed LED lights.

The front part is characterized by not only a trendy appearance, but also intelligent aerodynamics. It involved a special curtain that aim to change the air flow to the side of the wheels. This development makes it possible to save on fuel. The trunk lid has a special configuration. All these properties lead to a decrease in resistance.